2016 Mt High, Baldy, Waterman OEC Refresher at Claremont

Attention OEC Technicians!

We can’t stress enough how important it is to complete your online course in advance as probably 50% of you will encounter technical difficulties with the site.  Don’t be stuck Saturday night running into one of the frequent problems encountered on the new NSP website. Many of the issues are easily fixed, but give yourself time to be able to resolve them or for us to help you.

Next Sunday, October 2 is the OEC refresher in Claremont. All OEC Technicians are required to refresh their OEC annually to patrol. (Note: Additionally, the On-The-Hill / Chair Evac refresher, on Sunday, Oct 16, is required to patrol at Mt High… more info to come.) If you are unable to attend the Claremont OEC Refresher, look at the mountainhighskipatrol.com events page for alternates and contact Scott or me for permission to attend another patrol’s refresher as a guest.

Here’s the important information for next Sunday’s OEC refresher:

1) Register IN ADVANCE for the Refresher (NEW): 
The new NSP system requires that you register for the course in order to receive credit for attending. 

  • Login to http://www.nsp.org/
  • Member Resources > Course Schedule
  • Course Number Contains: F60016001  > Find
  • Click the course title
  • Register Myself
  • Proceed to Checkout
  • Submit Order

2) Complete IN ADVANCE the online refresher course 

3) You must bring:

  • Completed online Hybrid Course Certificate (NEW) (Must be printed)
  • Completed Cycle C Workbook
  • Medical Supplies
  • CPR Card
    • $5 for 1 year refresher or $25 for bi-annual new card
  • OEC Card with blank Cycle C space
    • OR  Acknowledgement of Completion Cycle C Form (in back of Cycle C Workbook)

4) General Information: 
There is no official lunch break. It’s recommended that you bring snacks and water. Expected temperature is in the high 80’s.

  • Address: Cahuilla Park 1717 N Indian Hill Blvd, Claremont, CA 91711
    Google Map
  • Time: 8am Registration, 9am start

Thanks for your patience in adapting and working through the issues with NSP’s new website.

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