Animated Knots: Know your patroller knots

Practice your patroller knots using these great videos from

Clove Hitch (Half Hitch Method) 

Figure 8 Follow Through

Munter Mule Combination Hitch

The Munter: The Munter Hitch – (the Italian Hitch), 1 – 6 in the animation, allows controlled descent when rappelling (abseiling). The climbing rope passes through a locking carabiner, round the rope, and back through the carabiner. For controlled descent, the brake hand need only apply relatively little force on the free end.

The Mule: The Mule Hitch, 7 – 11 in the animation, is used to secure the Munter. Using a bight of the rope, a Slip Knot followed by a Half Hitch is tied around the standing end. This final Half Hitch is essential because the weight of the hanging rope might otherwise easily undo the Slip Knot. When loaded, the Mule knot tends to slide down tight against the Munter and can be somewhat difficult to undo.

Water Knot

Double Fisherman’s Knot



Trucker Hitch

Hasty Harness (Diaper Harness)

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