Best way to fix torn leather or fabric ski gloves (Video): Repair your ripped snowboard gloves


You’ve just torn your gloves, cut your mittens, or ripped open a seam… how do you best repair them?  Duct tape?  No way!  The best way is with a moldable glue called Sugru.

Torn ski glove needs repair

It starts as a putty like substance and then dries to a soft, flexible rubber seal.

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Here’s the step by step on how to use it on fabrics or leather or watch the video below.

  1. Roll a pea sized amount into a ball.
    roll sugru into ball
  2. Smear the Sugru glue into the tear by holding the fabric taut.  Don’t flatten out a big piece of glue like putty and try to press it into the seam.  You want to use a smudging motion.  Thinner is better!   Latex or Nitril gloves help to keep the glue from pulling away from the fabric; it keeps the glue from sticking to your hands.
    smear sugru into ski glove
  3. Allow 24 hours to cure completely.   Add a second thin layer after curing if needed.
    finished applying glue to ski glove

Sugru remains soft, flexible, and waterproof.

water fold-gloves

Click here to get Sugru from Sugru – Fix That Thing, Multi Color, 8-Pack

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