Candidate Boot Camp 2015 at Mountain High

The annual candidate “boot camp” will be held Saturday October 10, 2015.  Day 2 is Sunday October 11 as the day part of the returning patrollers’ On The Hill refresher. This is a great opportunity for new patrollers to “learn the ropes” (literally) and get to know the supervisors. The boot camp is open to volunteers and candidates for paid staff.

Boot camp Day 2 is considered the On The Hill refresher for returning patrollers the following day. Chair evacuations and Z-Rigs will be taught and practiced on Day 2.

Here’s some information

  • Start: 7am Sharp Day 1 and Day 2
  • End: 4pm
  • Where: Mt High West Big Pines West Lodge (the large building labeled Big Pines Lodge above the door at base of West Resort)
  • Dress: Clothing dressed for as appropriate for a hike and backpack. Expect weather sunny and high 60s but be prepared for warmer or cooler. You burn more easily in mountains, wear sunscreen.
  • Food (Day): Pack lunch, water, and snacks.  Sandwiches in coolers would be appropriate.
  • Food (Dinner): Optional to bring your own. Some dinner for everyone will be available.
  • If Camping overnight: Food, tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, appropriate clothing.  Campground is short walk behind the parking lot at Mt. High North.
  • Payment: No money is required. Volunteer candidates can register for NSP on Day 2. (see checklist)
  • Paperwork: Sign the waiver at resort.
  • Interview: No formal interviews for employee positions will be held however supervisors will be able to speak with each individual throughout the day.
  • What to expect: Day 1: Hiking to top of resort, training on knots, and other patrol skills.  Day 2: Meetings, chair evac, z-rigs



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