Using When to Work (W2W)

Best use of (W2W)

New candidates and patrollers will be sent a When To Work (W2W) login. You will NOT need to log in to the site except to update your profile/contact information if anything changes. Your initial contact information will be loaded for you.

When you are ready to schedule a day to work- email, text, or call the following volunteer patrol reps (Scheduler- Kelly plus Patrol Rep- Scott and Assistant PR -Branden) with the days you would like to work on the mountain. A volunteer rep will then update W2W with your shift to let Mt. High management know to expect you. W2W will send you an email once updated.

You will receive a weekly a request, usually on Wednesday from Mt.High Supervisors to request shifts for the following week. Please try to get your schedule to your volunteer patrol reps as soon as possible. Do not use the availability feature in

You should monitor emails from The emails are sent from supervisors at Mt. High. Some emails are directed to paid staff employees, however, a lot of emails have information pertinent to all patrollers.

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