OEC Refresher Hybrid Course Instructions 2016

OEC Refresher Hybrid Course Instructions Sign In Request password with the Forgot Password link if needed Troubleshooting: Try alternative browser such as Firefox or Chrome instead of Internet Explorer, Edge, or Safari. If you can’t log-in to, skip directly to step 4a. Verify your profile: Click the human...

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NSP OEC Challenge Course for EMTs, RNs, PAs, and MDs on Sunday January 3, 2016

Mountain High is sponsoring an OEC Challenge course that will be held Sunday, January 3, 2016. This refresher will accomplish two objectives: Bridge the following medical protocols to Outdoor Emergency Care requirements: EMT-b, EMT, I, EMT-p, RN, PA, MD. Substitute for recent missed OEC refreshers. If you have missed all of the...

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Animated Knots: Know your patroller knots

Practice your patroller knots using these great videos from Clove Hitch (Half Hitch Method)  Figure 8 Follow Through Munter Mule Combination Hitch The Munter: The Munter Hitch – (the Italian Hitch), 1 – 6 in the animation, allows controlled descent when rappelling (abseiling). The climbing rope passes through a...

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