Instructions for Writing Articles / Posts / Blogs for the Mt High Ski Patrol Website in WordPress

To the site authors, here is information on writing posts:

  1. Request author rights from the patrol webmaster, patrol rep, or assistant patrol rep
  2. Login to with your email or username as login name (forgot password feature available)
  3. Hoover “Posts” in left nav bar and click “Add New”
  4. Here’s the fields to pay attention to:
    1. Title (This will also be used as the URL to the post). Choose something obvious with the words people would likely search when looking for the article.
    2. Big box below that to type your article. Formatting buttons availabl
    3. Categories (right side): Click “Blog” and the “Patrol Updates (Public)”, “Patrol Updates (Members),” “Patrol Fun,” “Training,” “Training (Members),” Industry News,” or “Gear and Reviews” as appropriate.  The members categories require login to view for stuff we don’t want the public to see.
    4. If it’s a members only article, scroll down to “Require Membership” and choose the categories that can view it.
    5. Feature image (all the way down on the right). Click “Set Feature Image” and add one up to 150K in size. I can help with this if you like.  There’s an “upload Files” tab when you enter the Featured Image selection screen.  Click “Set Feature Image” Button when you are done selecting the image.
  5. Click “Publish” button (right side, near top).


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