New NSP Member Important Information on OEC and Mt High Membership

Thanks for registering with Mt High Patrol!

Although your NSP number has been issued, it make take a couple weeks to receive your card and be registered in the website at  Pro Deals and the NSP catalog are available at

Each year you will be required to re-certify your OEC credentials by attending a day long refresher (normally held in Claremont the last Sunday in September with makeup sessions available by request/with permission at Bear or Snow Valley). CPR renewals are available at this event. You might want to pencil it in your calendar even now and we will confirm the date in the summer.

There is a separate, and also required, On The Hill refresher at Mt High to re-certify your chair evacuation and complete pre-season dues and paperwork. It is normally held the 3rd or 4th Sunday in October (the day following the candidate boot camp).

Dues are due each year by the On the Hill Refresher. You’ll receive instruction from the Mt High NSP Assistant Patrol Representative on how to pay online in advance.

We look forward to seeing you throughout the season!

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