Are you a patroller taking some time off or retiring from patrol? Here’s what you need to know about the Alumni Program.

An NSP Alumni is a special registration category for people who, for various reasons, decide to no longer provide emergency care or rescue services, but wish to continue their relationship with the National Ski Patrol.

The alumni program is a great way to keep your OEC current and continue to accrue NSP “Years of Service” while you are taking time off.

For patrollers who can’t patrol a particular season, it is a good idea to keep your OEC current so you do not need to retake the entire OEC course again if you lapse 3 cycles.  The alumni dues are only $27 to keep your affiliation with NSP plus $25 for an Alumni member of Mt. High if you choose.

How to Join?

  1. Download this alumni form, fill it out, and send it back to the NSP, along with your $27 payment.
  2. For Mt. High affiliated alumni participating in Mt. High events, wishing to support the Mt. High NSP, or who have earned their alumni passes, purchase the Mt high dues in our online store  or pay dues registration at the On The Hill Refresher.

Keeping your OEC Current

If you plan on returning to patrolling, you can keep your OEC certification current by attending the yearly refreshers. If you miss 3 cycles A, B, and C, your certification will completely lapse. There are two ways to catch up on up to three cycles.

The first option is to take the OEC challenge course. Check the NSP Course Schedule or stay in touch with us to be updated on when we will be holding the next class.

The second option is to take a make-up refresher.  There is no guarantee for a make-up refresher to be held any given year but generally the southern California Region holds one in Burbank in November. You can only make up 2 missed cycles at once.  If you missing 3 cycles, go to a current refresher (like Claremont or your mountain’s) plus the make-up refresher. Never lapse past 3 missed cycles.

NSP Alumni Webiste

For more information, visit the NSP Alumni website:

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