OEC Refresher Hybrid Course Instructions 2016

OEC Refresher Hybrid Course Instructions

  1. http://www.nsp.org
  2. Sign In
    1. Request password with the Forgot Password link if needed
    2. Troubleshooting: Try alternative browser such as Firefox or Chrome instead of Internet Explorer, Edge, or Safari.
    3. If you can’t log-in to NSP.org, skip directly to step 4a.
  3. Verify your profile: Click the human silhouette icon in upper right with “Hi [Name]”
    1. Verify email
    2. Verify address
    3. Edit as needed
  4. Launch the Course: Member Resources (Top Nav) > Online OEC Refresher (Dropdown)
    1. Course Direct Link: https://nsp.knowledgedirectweb.com/kd/10.cfm
  5. Login:
    1. Login: [your NSP profile email address]
    2. Password: [same NSP profile email address]
    3. Troubleshooting: If you changed your email address in the last 2 years, try a previously registered email.
    4. Troubleshooting: If you still can’t get in, skip to the workaround below.
  6. Training Menu:
    1. VERIFY the correct course: OEC Refresher Cycle C 2016
    2. Click Launch
    3. Troubleshooting: if you received the wrong course (Cycle B 2015 or other), see below for “Incorrect Course Workaround”
  7. Enter your NSP Profile information. Make sure to match your NSP Profile.
    1. Member ID: 6 Digit NSP number
    2. Patrol / Unit Name: Your primary patrol name (type as found on card or profile). Use “Mountain High” for our patrol.
    3. Patrol / Unit Number: First 4 Alpha-numberic code on your NSP card.  Use F001 for Mountain High or look at your profile / card for your primary patrol code. (It’s the 4 digit prefix to your NSP number.)
  8. Click on each Module, then the Launch Button to complete each module.
    1. Troubleshooting: Try alternative browser such as Firefox or Chrome instead of Internet Explorer, Edge, or Safari.
  9. Click the Play icon to start the course, clicking the “Next” arrow at the completion of each slide or audio
  10. There is a quiz at the end of each Module. Follow the instructions on-screen.
  11. After completing the module, click “Course Survey” button at the bottom of the list of modules.
  12. A “Print Certificate” button will become available at the top of the module list after the course survey is complete.
  13. Bring a printed certificate to the OEC Refresher.


Incorrect Course Workaround – Unable to Login Workaround

  1. Steps 1-4 above
  2. Click “If you are a new student, click here to register”
  3. Enter Access Code: nsponline
  4. Fill out the registration form
    1. Enter your info
    2. Organization: National Ski Patrol
    3. Submit
  5. Click “Available Courses” tab
  6. Find “OEC Refresher Cycle C 2016”, Click Add, then Add Course
  7. Launch the Course from the “My Courses” tab
  8. See Step 7 above in “OEC Refresher Hybrid Course Instructions”


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