Problem with Gmail not delivering patrol updates to your primary inbox

To members who have experienced Gmail not delivering patrol update emails to their inbox, please follow these steps:

  1. Add Patrol leadership email addresses to your Google contacts
  2. Using your internet browser or Gmail app to log into your Gmail, move all existing messages from the patrol into the Primary Tab. This teaches Gmail that you want to receive this messages there:
    1. Use drag and drop message from Promotions or Spam to Primary from a Chrome browser, or
    2. Right-click “Move to Tab” “Primary”
  3. Click the “Not Spam” button on any newsletters that might have landed in the spam folder.
  4. Create a “Search and filter” in Gmail
    1. Search for any patrol leadership’s email using the search bar.
    2. Click the small grey arrow to the right of the search bar to bring up the advanced search
    3. Click the “create a filter with this search”
    4. Near the bottom of the advanced filter window, you’ll see a “Categorize as” section
    5. Choose the drop down from the “categorize as” to Primary.
    6. Repeat with any other email addresses you want to always go to the primary tab


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